Forgotten, abandoned, attacked by corrosion and the ravages of time – the legendary

motorcycles from the turn of the 60s and 70s of the last century have been given a new lease

of life. Machines retain their class from previous decades and at the same time acquire a

unique character.

About us


Marcin & Marcin, two enthusiasts and motorcycle freaks. One day quite by accident dragged

an old motorcycle out of the garage and it all started… Aluminum parts were crumbling in

their hands, and the engine was literally being eaten away by rust. After a few weeks of

upgrading, replacing parts, sanding the engine, putting on new coats of paint – BMW R60 / 6

74’ hit the road. Hobby turned into a passion, and the passion into a way of life. We search

motorcycles in old barns, on forgotten backyards and in cluttered garages. And then we let

them forget that they have been forgotten.

Our offer


The uniqueness of these machines is not only about reconstructing the original parts and

restoring them to a functional condition, but most of all – the precision of work! Most of the

modifications of the current automotive market only consist in the insertion of a new engine

and painting rusted parts. Our job is to take a closer look at each part – from the steering

wheel to every possible sprocket. We put our hearts into our work to keep the timeless

appearance and the spirit of those times.